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Rémy Coeytaux


Hello, and welcome to my solo medical practice. My name is Dr. Rémy Coeytaux.

I am a licensed physician with a medical degree from Stanford University who has been practicing and teaching medicine for nearly 30 years.

I derive deep satisfaction from helping people optimize their health and well-being.

I welcome the opportunity for us to get to know each other and invite you to schedule a complimentary 15-minute “Get To Know Call”. To do so, please contact me via email at or call my business line at 707-909-0228.


My Background, Education, and Career 

Rémy Coeytaux CV

I was born in a rural part of Napa Valley to a French/Tunisian father and a Swiss mother. My father was one of the first commercial organic farmers in Northern California.


I attended college at Brown University, medical school at Stanford University, and graduate school at the University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Public Health, where I obtained a Ph.D. in Epidemiology and completed the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program. I completed residency training in Family Medicine at Maine Medical Center and fellowship training in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona as a Bravewell Collaborative Fellow.

Dr. Rémy Coeytaux

I have served as a full-time faculty member of the UNC, Duke, and Wake Forest University medical schools. I was a tenured Associate Professor at UNC, served on the faculty of the Duke Clinical Research Institute, and was recently a Professor of Family and Community Medicine and Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at Wake Forest School of Medicine. I founded the first acupuncture clinic at UNC Hospitals, I founded and led a large integrative health center in Chapel Hill, NC, and I was the founding Medical Director of the Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Integrative Medicine Clinic.


I have co-authored more than 100 research papers in peer-reviewed science and medical journals. I have designed and conducted many clinical trials sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). I have authored original research articles on traditional and holistic health practices such as acupuncture, Ayurveda, yoga, and craniosacral therapy, as well as a variety of clinical conditions including menopausal hot flashes, migraine, ADHD, PTSD, chronic pain, dizziness, chronic cough, and pulmonary arterial hypertension.

I recently moved to Sonoma County, CA with my wife, Meg. I warmly welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your health-related goals


I offer a path to better health and well-being:

Mountains, sun and clouds

Integrative Medicine

$150 per 15-minute interval

These focused or comprehensive consultations can take whatever form and duration that is desired by you and seems appropriate to me. I can: help diagnose complicated medical conditions; order and interpret diagnostic studies; recommend holistic approaches to health and wellness; and help you navigate our complex healthcare system. 


How does my practice work? 

I am a solo practitioner, without employees, who lives in Healdsburg, CA. My schedule accommodates both North Carolina Eastern and California Pacific times zones. While I am not a member of any provider network or insurance plan, if your insurance allows for out-of-network care by a licensed physician, you might be reimbursed in whole or in part for my fees. 

I can help you if: 
  1. You want advice from a medical doctor who has spent 30 years learning, teaching, and practicing modern, “Western” medicine as well as natural, complementary, holistic, and “Ancient Eastern” approaches to health and healing. 

  2. You live in California or North Carolina and need a medical doctor to help you with a specific health-related issue via a telemedicine consultation. If you live in a different state, please schedule a Get-To-Know call so that we can discuss options.

How to schedule an appointment?

Please email me at or call me at 707-909-0228.

What Is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine means different things to different people.


 A definition that I consider helpful can be found at Dr. Andrew Weil’s website.

I first became interested in integrative medicine when I experienced a 1 ½ year bout of chronic fatigue while I was in my 20’s. I attributed my complete recovery to Tai Chi and acupuncture. Much of my academic medical career has been devoted to the scientific study of acupuncture and to comparative effectiveness research of nonpharmacological and noninvasive approaches to health and healing. My personal experience and my medical and scientific training have taught me to respect the body’s (and mind’s) profound innate wisdom.


I am at my best when guiding patients who seek to optimize their health and wellbeing. The role I like to play is that of a highly trained physician who helps patients choose from among a wide variety of options to achieve their health-related goals. My style of practice is to combine modern medicine with ancient systems of health and healing (e.g., traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, etc.) and other nonpharmacological approaches to health and healing when appropriate. I tend to focus on the interconnections between mind, body, and spirit.


I welcome the opportunity to help you with your health-related goals. I look forward to meeting you and assisting in any way that I can.

An Honored Endorsement 

"Imagine that you are seeking a physician who not only looks at your medical history and labs but also looks at the humanness of you.


That in your search for a doctor in today’s world of modern medicine, you have come across a physician who will partner with you and create a plan for your health, well-being, and wholeness.


Rémy Coeytaux, MD is my colleague and friend. I have had the privilege to work alongside him in the Center of Integrative Medicine in one of the nation’s finest medical centers. It’s been my honor to walk alongside this modern-day man of medicine who brings together science and soul.


Rémy’s expertise in both modern and ancient medicine coupled with his enthusiasm for health, makes him unique. He has the ability to listen beyond words, to listen with his heart. From that place, a plan of health is created. His blended knowledge creates a broader expanse of possibilities and a wider field of potential for your health.


Be greeted by the warmth of a heart-smile and a physician who will guide your health, healing, and journey to wholeness."

Deborah Larrimore, BSN, RN


I welcome the opportunity for us to get to know each other and invite you to schedule a complimentary 15-minute “Get To Know Call”. To do so, please contact me via email at or call my business line at 707-909-0228.

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